• The Original Recipient....

    There once was a Grandma (mine) that fell and broke her hip and then needed to be reminded that being "older" and full of "aches and pains", didn't mean that you got to sit around and mope. Her son (my dad) had to remind her to get up and Keep Going!

  • Next....

    Next, the original giver was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. It was a word I never wished I would learn. I remember the morning I woke up and realized, he needed signs... So I found some paper, and went to work. He needed them to remind him that he too couldn't be lazy and had to get busy... He did. He fought and he stayed positive even with all the pain and emotions that came with it.

  • Grandma sitting in front of her handmade signs on bright paper colors.

    Then a pandemic...

    At this point, Grandma had moved to yet another place. She had to live alone without many visitors as we were at the beginning of a pandemic. The day came where I finally got to see her in person. I brought new bright paper and my marker and we made signs. These were my last hand made signs before FINALLY knowing it was time to try to help others. I wish I would of done this when my inspirations were here to see the end product.

  • Posted by Heather Russell

    Sent the smaller version of the cards to a co worker who is going through her second round of breast cancer. She said she has them posted up by her computer and changes daily!!!

  • Posted by Jane Hartwig

    These really brighten up my mom's room! Thank you so much!

  • Posted by Kristin Chantel

    We got them last night and he loves them. Thank you again so much.

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Inspirational Posters and Cards were created with the intentions of helping my own family members have a bright and happy spot as they struggled through different illnesses and harder chapters in their lives. Having these posters up where they can be seen gives that constant reminder of the need to stay positive.